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Thoughts from new Oakland Roots & Soul Community Investors

Wednesday, September 13 marked a historic day for Oakland Roots and Oakland Soul when officially opening its Community Investment Round, truly making it a sports club for the people. Roots raised over $800,000 around an hour, boosting to above $1 million in a six-hour span.

As of publishing this, Oakland’s investment campaign is up to slightly under $1.5 million. Their Wefunder page allowed investors to leave their thoughts, totaling 776 comments thus far. Many of them left specific memories and emotions they feel regarding Oakland sports and what it means for them to invest into a local organization.

Below are some of our favorites.

Libby Schaaf made some appearances for Roots during her final days as the City of Oakland mayor. We all may have specific thoughts about her time in office, but its great to see support from another former mayor.

Stephanie echoed the sentiments of many parents, who want an Oakland-team for their children to fall in love with. The Dubs, Giants, Sharks, 49ers, and Quakes just aren’t doing it for them.

Another of the many comments referencing the awkward situation the Warriors, A’s, and Raiders left Oakland.

One of the many investors from outside of California. Oak Knoll hits close to home for me, literally. I live near the Oak Knoll grounds, my grandfather (who I never met) passed away there. My mother and I watched the demolition of the multi-story hospital, the ground are now being redeveloped into a park, housing, and potentially stores.

The Supporters Groups speak! Tal is a wonderful human and a leader of La Brigada del Pueblo. She works hard to help foster the Roots and Soul’s fan culture, among the many diligently working to make this successful.

Another of Roots and Soul’s SGs! Oakland 68s have proven the fan’s impact on sports in its Summer of Sell campaign. It’s an honor to watch them work and hold pro-sports franchises accountable.

Another SG appearance in Homegrown Hooligans! Many do not know this, but the blog is mostly a Homegrown Hooligans account. This writer (Comeaux) brought this guy to his first game, then we brought this guy to the next game. That Viking-man decided to make Homegrown Hooligans a thing in 2021, blossoming to the group it is now.

So, you’re welcome, Oakland Roots.

Family of former players arrived! Since I’m patting myself on the back for my connection to the team, I covered Nikolai following his signing with Oakland Roots in 2019 given he was an assistant coach at a local high school I cover. Nikolai actually called to inform me what Roots were, the level they were playing, and background on his teammates for an article in the weeks before its NISA campaign. How far things have come since then.

So, you can say I gave Roots one of its very first articles when they had even less media coverage than they do now. You’re welcome, again, Roots’ front office.

People who were there at the start chimed in.

Facts, Barry, this club has overcome a lot over the years. From the pandemic, playing at multiple locations in 2021, and more field drama in 2023–this organization has battled a lot. It feels like this week is the start of brighter days ahead.

Longtime residents made their voices heard, showing what it means to be a community.

The blog supports Oakland teachers!

Ah, the love of the game. It’s refreshing to see someone still tied to the game in their 80s.

An investor from abroad. I’m sure there are many others who are also outside of the country.

For the future!

I like it; short and to the point. A politically correct way of saying, “I want to win some damn games and sign good players.”

$510 for a t-shirt. Eat your heart out, high fashion.

The blog is a well-documented Sam Tran Stan page.

Supporters from rivals also bought in to help Roots beat their favorite teams. Here are some thoughts from fans in Monterey Bay, New Mexico, and Phoenix.

Drop a comment to let us know what you think about Oakland Roots’ community investment round.

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