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Red Card RootsFood

When an opposing player picks up a red card, one lucky RootsPod listener will win Peter’s money to spend at their favorite fast food establishment.

Baconator and Strawberry Frosty

Elvis Amoh (Colorado Springs) briefly forgot that he was not a goalie, earning one lucky listener this 1400-calorie haul from Wendy’s. There is evidence of ketchup, but no sign of fries, which we assume were inhaled before our friend remembered to take the picture. We do not blame them.

Half-Eaten Burger and a Single Chicken Nugget

San Diego defender Grant Stoneman earned this RootsPod listener this half-eaten Wendy’s meal when he made two tactical fouls in the dying minutes of San Diego’s 2022 playoff run. Stoneman protested, apparently on the grounds that it’s not fair to get a third red card in a game. I think it’s less fair that this listener apparently got an empty carton of fries. Better luck next time.

Working Lunch at an Office Park in Alameda

Thomas Amang assaulted Jose Hernandez to earn a second yellow, and the first of three sendings-off with Loyal already down 2-0 to the Roots in the 2022 playoffs, and thereby got this hard-working RootsPod listener a lunch of Wendy’s and a lemonade (?!) to enjoy on his lunch break.

$5 Biggie Bag and Leftover Cash

We may never know what exactly Alejandro Guido did or said to earn his second yellow card during the fallout from the second yellow card to Thomas Amang in Oakland’s 3-0 win over San Diego in the 2022 playoffs. What we do know is that you still have a crisp $15 bill left in your pocket after you buy the $5 biggie bag with the nuggets, fries, a burger, and a mysterious orange beverage.

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