Live Blog: Oakland Roots vs. Greenville Triumph, 2022 U.S. Open Cup

Hello and welcome to Thursday’s live coverage of the Roots’ first-ever U.S. Open Cup match against Greenville Triumph of South Carolina. Oakland enters after going 0-2-3 over their first five appearances, while Triumph are 0-0-1 after dropping their first game 2-0 to Central Valley Fuego.

Check out Bloom’s official preview of Greenville, who they are, how they play, and everything you need to know about the South Carolina town. They are the USL League One finalists, where they lost 3-0 to Union Omaha.

This morning, I said screw superstition and got a jump on how Oakland may fit into the third-round of the U.S. Open Cup. But they must win tonight, and if the current second-round has proven anything–you can’t take anyone lightly. Five USL Championship teams have already been knocked out; Indy Eleven, El Paso, Las Vegas Lights, Monterey Bay, and the most shocking with playoff-contender Colorado Switchbacks losing 1-0 to Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC.

Key Events

  • Greenville Goal to close

Roots s.u.c.k.e.d. Massively shit the bed.

  • Greenville Goal – 31′

Jake Keegan scores for Greenville, and we’re on upset alert. Taylor Bailey off his line, ball flicked over his head.

  • Oakland Roots Starting XI reaction:

It’s a lineup from yesteryear! Johnny Rodriguez starts up top with Jose Hernandez in the #10. Max Ornstil, Memo Diaz, and Chuy Enriquez get their first start of the year. Emrah Klimenta gets the start.


Greenville goal
Roots sucked out loud.
Roots corner -90′
Johnny header softly goes straight to the keeper.
Roots free kick – 89′
Along the right side near corner flag. Bats around, leads to another corner.
Memo to JCA – 83′
Memo ball in to Azocar, was a sitter and he misses. Ball goes over the net at 83′. Need to finish that.
Roots free kick – 82′
Ball in by Jose gets cleared.
Greenville has been better in every way
Plays down the wing, plays in the box, connecting passes, closing out on defense. It’s clear who is the b etter side, Roots are lucky to still be down 1-0.
Roots corner – 75
Roots corner sails out of the back, again.
Roots suck tonight
Roots sub – 67′
Formella and Azocar on for Ornstil and Ward.
Greenville corner – 66′
Roots free kick – 63′
Roots free kick about 15 yards above area. Jose Hernandez ball in flicked around in the area.
Chuy play toward net, probably a shot – 59′
Chuy takes an attempt, easily saved.
Roots corner – 56′
Chuy dribbles in, centering pass cleared for a corner. Cleared and play on the counter.
Chuy shot on target – 52′
Chuy gets a shot on target, feed from Jose Hernandez.
Greenville shot on target – 50′
Greenville shot on target in the 50th. They continue attacking.
First Half Notes
Roots losing to Greenville, who have looked like the better side.

Oakland credited for 10 shots with five shots on target to Greenville’s six shots with three on target, but two big chances and one big chance missed.
Roots Corner – 45+5′
Can’t finish.
Roots free kick – 45+1′
Lindo draws a foul about 10 yards above the area. Chuy takes the shot, drops just outside the post. Tipped by GK for a corner.
Johnny thinks he was pulled down – 44′
Play in the box, Johnny thinks he was pulled down. No call.
Roots corner – 41′
Ball goes through, no one home to make contact.
Lindo offside – 37′
Lindo a scoring opportunity, but he’s called offside.
Greenville hits post – 35′
It’s going bad. Greenville nearly takes a two goal lead. Roots looking bad.
Greenville goal – 31′
Jake Keegan scores for Greenville, and we’re on upset alert. Taylor Bailey off his line, ball flicked over his head.
Greenville shot on target – 27′
Greenville shot from distance goes straight to Bailey.
Roots corner – 23′
Lindo ball in, Greenville heads it out of the back. Ball falls to Johnny, his shot is saved. Goes straight at the keeper.
Greenville opportunity – 20′
A lot of passes by Greenville, play at the post. Near score, no one gets a touch.
Lindo shot tipped high – 17′
Lindo with a nice shot that was tipped over by the GK, may have gone over anyways, but Roots draw a corner at 17′. Nice long shot attempt by Lindo
Memo offside – 15′
Memo Diaz called offside after a nice feed by Lindo Mfeka.
Triumph shot on target – 6′
Greenville with the first shot on target in the 6th minute. Goes straight to Bailey–then kicks it into charging Triumph forward. Not a great start.
Triumph shot blocked – 6′
Greenville shot attempt blocked by Emrah.
Triumph – 5′
Triumph corner in the 5th minute, it falls and goes through the area. Dangerous ball
Ornstil shot – 3′
Ornstil shot on the volley skies over the net.
Adn we’re off from Legacy Charter School

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