Live Blog: Oakland Roots vs. El Paso Locomotive

Hello and welcome to the blog’s live coverage of Oakland Roots playing away at El Paso Locomotive. Roots have a great opportunity to officially put itself in the top-7 discussion with a victory, currently two points back of seventh-place in ninth with a 1-3-3 record and six points, compared to El Paso’s 1-0-5 down in 12th.

Oakland walks into Saturday’s game coming off a 4-1 victory over Loudoun United last Saturday, marking their first win and best performance of the season under Juan Guerra. El Paso, meanwhile, got its first win on April 9 with a 5-nil victory over Monterey Bay and recently lost 1-0 to San Antonio.

Provided is Bloom’s official preview, where he highlights both team’s run of form leading into tonight, some key players to watch on El Paso, and our three lineup predictions. Here’s an excerpt that notes Locomotive’s season thus far:

So what should you make of El Paso? They have not been very good. They might be okay–you would expect a pretty good team to lose a close game to San Diego, beat Monterey, and lose a close game to San Antonio. The highlights and the stats make me think those scorelines really flatter El Paso. That said, it’s also probably improvement from the first two weeks of the season, which makes sense with a new manager (an opinion a Roots fan has to hold right now). Their offense can do things, but their defense is very beatable.

Scroll down for all the latest updates:

Key Events

  • El Paso Misses Penalty – 45′

Fuenmayor misplays the run, tries to catch up and gives up the penalty. JOSUE GOMEZ MISSES OFF THE POST.

  • El Paso Goal – 31′

El Paso goal with a defensive miscue. Luis Solignac puts a flailing foot in after receiving a long pass into the area. Benny Diaz standing far out of goal, it’s able to slowly roll into net.

  • ROOTS GOAL – 14′

Chuy draws a foul to create a set piece for Oakland on the right side. Ball in by Azocar clipped to the far post, Darek Formella charges on the ball for a left-footed rocket on the volley. His second goal of the season. Beautiful!

  • Oakland Roots Starting 11 Reaction:

Bloom get the starting 11 right; Chuy Enriquez gets his first start of the season with Emrah Klimenta getting his second consecutive start at center back. Good to see this formation being the identity of the team, hope for another productive night.

Charlie Dennis in the subs, still coming back from an injiury.

  • El Paso Starting 11

No Diego Luna in the lineup for El Paso; one of their most dangerous players. Got a red card last match.


  • Gametime!

  • Oakland Roots Corner – 4′

    Ball in by Chuy Enriquez. Flicked on but cleared away. Play to Edgardo Rito, ball in targeting Ottar cleared away.

  • El Paso corner – 7′

    Free header goes to the outside netting by Andrew Fox.

  • El Paso Corners – 9′ & 10′

    First cleared out for another corner. Second one cleared away by Ottar.

  • Chuy draws foul – 12′. FORMELLA GOAL

    Creates set piece for Oakland. Ball in by Azocar clipped to the far post, left footed rocket by Darek Formella. His second goal of the season. Beautiful!

  • Benny big save – 15′

    Benny Diaz with a big save in close distance to keep it 1-nil for Roots.

  • Roots earns a corner – 19′ & 20′

    Jose keeps ball in, sends to Rito. His shot clips off a defender and out for a corner. Hits off Joseph Nane’s hip and off the post.

    Second corner, ball in by Chuy targeting Formella nearly lands for a second goal. Looks like El Paso got the save.

  • Chuy run after run into the area

    Roots playing really well through 25′. Team is shifting and rotating in formation very well. Starting counter attacks, gaining possession, it’s fun to watch.

  • El Paso Goal – 31′

    El Paso goal with a defensive miscue. Luis Solignac puts a flailing foot in after receiving a long pass into the area. Benny Diaz standing far out of goal, it’s able to slowly roll into net.

  • Azocar slow shot saved – 35′

    JCA takes a shot attempt, can’t make the best contact. Shot easily saved. I thought Jose was fouled in the buildup, no call.

  • El Paso draws the PK – 44′

    Fuenmayor misplays the run, tries to catch up and gives up the penalty. HIS MISSES OFF THE POST.

  • First Half Notes:

    Tied 1-1. It was a very good opening half hour for the Roots, but things have turned shaky since allowing the goal–notably in the back. A missed penalty kick keeps the match 1-1. Still, some productive work on the counter and long balls into open wide areas. Despite the goal allowed and PK, it’s been productive for the attack.

    Roots have five shots with three on target and one off the woodwork, holding 44 percent possession. El Paso has seven shots, two on target, three big chances, with two big chances missed.

  • El Paso ball in – 47′

    Ball in at an angle, straight to Benny Diaz.

  • El Paso set piece – 52′

    El Paso draws a set piece on a foul by Rito. Ball in caught by Benny Diaz.

  • Chuy steals high – 58′

    Chuy with a good steal high, plays toward Ottar but the ball goes out the back.

  • Roots corner – 59′

    Taken quickly, ball in by Chuy targets Ottar but his header sails over the net. Good play by Roots, nearly a good finish.

  • El Paso corner – 62′

    Cavillo ball in falls, Brockbank nearly gets a header goal, but his attempt sails high.

  • Rito shot on target – 65′

    Completely set up by Chuy, he’s having quite the game. Makes multiple defenders miss, sends a nice pass into Rito. His shot goes straight to the keeper at the right post.

  • Chuy draws foul – 67′

  • Yellow card on Chuy – 70′

  • Nane tackle high, plays to Ottar. Draws a corner – 70′

    Joseph Nane with a great tackle high, plays a pass toward Ottar. In between two defenders, ball deflected out for corner.

  • Benny back-to-back saves – 73′

    El Paso’s Sebastian Velasquez longshot saved, rebounds back into play. Luis Solignac looks to clean it up, but his shot goes straight to Benny. Big chance missed.

  • Roots sub – Dennis on for Fuenmayor – 80′

  • Rito draws a foul – 81′

    Edgardo Rito draws a foul, creates a set piece. Charlie Dennis takes it, ball in goes way out the back.

  • Buildup toward Azocar, empty -83′

  • Benny big save – 85′

    Solignac a shot attempt between two defenders. Benny there for the save.

  • Rito pass toward Ottar – 86′

    Rito with a ball toward Ottar charging toward net, can’t connect. He looks tired.

  • NO FOUL!?!?!?!?!?

    Chuy with more brilliance, sends a pass toward Ottar–who clearly had his jersey being pulled. No call. Bullshit.

  • Full time. Roots take a 1-1 draw and a point.

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