Live Blog: Oakland Roots host RGV Toros

Hello and welcome to the blog’s live coverage of Oakland Roots hosting RGV Toros at Laney College Stadium. Roots enter on a two-match win streak and are unbeaten through the last six matches, holding a 4-7-4 record and 19 points just outside of the playoff zone in eighth. A win tonight will boost Oakland to 22 points, which is the current total for third-place New Mexico and fourth-place San Diego.

It marks the second match of the season-series against RGV, which defeated Roots 1-nil to open the season three months ago on March 12. But it’s a stark contrast for the Oakland side since the opener, where they recorded just two shots, none on target, and a nearly entirely different lineup. Roots SC featured a 4-2-3-1 system, were without Ottar Magnus Karlsson, started Lindo Mfeka in the #9, Akeem Ward and Memo Diaz was the fullback combination, while Taylor Bailey started in goal.

In Bloom’s preview, he highlights the Roots’ run of form and some key players for Roots. He points out that Mikael Johnsen is currently sixth in the USL Championship in assists per 90 minutes so far this season:

That win took the Roots to 8th an 19 points and their first positive goal differential of the season. Karlsson remains the team (and league) goal leader on ten, with the wingbacks and Formella tied behind him on three apiece. Johnsen and Rito share the team lead with three assists with no one else above one. Given his late arrival, that puts Johnsen 6th in USL in Assists/90 with 0.67.

Bloom notes that RGV players to watch include Isidro Martinez, Frank Lopez, and Emilio Ycaza. Starting center back Erik Pimentel is back from a red card suspension.

Several matches tonight will reflect on how Oakland fits on the table, meaning Roots supporters should be doing some screen-watching to see how things play out. San Antonio defeated Monterey Bay 3-2 with a late goal, Sacramento Republic won 2-0 against Detroit Detroit City, while the late slate of games include San Diego and Hartford, Las Vegas and Orange County, Phoenix and El Paso, and LA versus first-place Colorado Springs.

Postgame Pressers

Juan Guerra

Charlie Dennis

RootsBlog Man of the Match

Juan Carlos Azocar

Juan Carlos Azocar finds the Roots’ first of two goals against RGV in the 78th minute. He has yet to miss a match this season with 16 appearances and 16 starts, four goals, team’s highest FotMob rating this season so far with 7.34.

He had the team’s highest rating tonight at 8.2.

Key Events

  • ROOTS GOAL – 88

Charlie Dennis with a shot above the area, goes in.

  • ROOTS GOAL – 78

Azocar heads in a corner after a flick on by Emrah.

  • Rgv goal – 24′

Ackwei a nice shot on the volley. Results from a corner kept in

  • RGV goal – 14′

Coronado left open after pass from Benny intercepted at midfield.

  • Oakland Roots Starting 11

Bloom gets his guess 100 percent! Lindo Mfeka and Mikael Johnsen start in the attack. It says a lot about Guerra’s trust in Mfeka, who has been in the buildup of several big goals last week. Johnsen’s flick to Edgardo Rito for his goal against Monterey Bay had clear influence on the coach’s opinion. I’m excited to see what they can do.

  • RGV Toros Starting 11


  • Gametime! The Live Blog starts here, it’s a big opportunity for Roots to place itself into the top-seven.

  • RGV a chance- 2′

    Open shot goes high.

  • Contact with Johnsen in area – 3′

    Function wants a foul. No call.

  • RGV goal – 14′

    Buildup starts down left, long cross into the box headed centrally for the sitter.

  • Johnsen draws foul on egde of area – 16′

    Hesded out for corner.

  • RGV another corner. 23′

    Leads to a pretty goal by Ackwei on the volley. 2-nil Toros at 24

  • Johnsen header high – 34′

    Cross from Lindo, sails to the right of net.

  • Ottar upset with referee.

  • Roots set piece cleared out.

  • Benny big save – 39′

  • First half notes:

    Bad first half, marred by defensive errors. RGV scores after a pass from Benny intercepted at midfield, and a corner kept in. Both well-worked goals by Toros.

    Roots credited for no shots despite having 58 percent possession. RGV controlling offensive action with 4 shots, 3 on target goals. 2 big chances. Oakland will need that late game magic.

    There was, at least, this gem in the first half.

  • Roots set piece- 57′

    Johnsen ball in, free header by Emrah goes a couple of feet high of the bar.

  • Roots want a handball – 60th

    Ball skips around in the area. Roots want a handball, he misses it. Formella asks ref if he can “Fucking see anything?”

    Ottar takes an attempt, blocked.

  • Formella looks for Ottar – 64′

  • Dennis and Johnny on – 68′

  • Roots corner – 78

    Ball skips around and falls to Azocar for the header goal! 2-1, Oakland has life.

  • RGV corner

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