Live Blog: Oakland Roots at Detroit City (August 13, 2022)

Hello and welcome back to the blog’s live coverage, it’s been a long break. Roots return from a 17 day absence to Detroit City’s Keyworth Stadium, where they haven’t played since the 2020 NISA Fall Tournament’s Finals, where they lost 2-1 after DCFC came back to win with a late chip goal over (I’m mentioning him again) then-keeper Christian Herrera.

Johnny Rodriguez started in that match and is the only leftover field player from that squad. Taylor Bailey was also under contract, but was at the start of his rehab from a severe ankle/leg injury. Ironically, Rodriguez gets the opportunity to start once again with Ottar Magnus Karlsson out of the lineup.

The blog has been informed that Oakland’s leading goal scorer, Karlsson, is back in Iceland with an excused absence to attend the birth of his first child. He’s expected back in the lineup for the final run of matches. A big opportunity for Darek Formella, who starts in the #9, alongside his other attackers.

Oakland enters today’s match in ninth and equal with Phoenix Rising at 29 points, but ahead on +2 goal differential. Roots are four points back of seventh place Las Vegas, which has one game in hand, and five points back of sixth place El Paso, where Oakland enters with two games in hand. A victory would put Roots up to eighth ahead of Los Dos, which faces New Mexico tomorrow. Vegas, meanwhile, goes against first-place San Antonio at 6:30 p.m. tonight.

In his preview, Peter took a look at Roots’ current situation, while naming Detroit’s central midfielder Maxi Rodriguez and striker Antoine Hoppenot as two players to watch.

Well, the Roots no longer have a shitload of games in hand, and things are better than they could have been. In fact, things went just shy of as well as they could have gone. El Paso, Vegas and LA have all languished, and the Roots have the games in hand advantage on El Paso now. Unfortunately, Phoenix and Orange County are showing signs of life, and even if those teams ahead scuffle, the Roots are not guaranteed to be the team to take advantage.

Key Events

  • Detroit goal – 87′

Detroit presses forward after a ball down the right wing, ball centers to Francis Autahene, scores.

  • ROOTS GOAL – 50′

Charlie Dennis intercepts a bad pass from the keeper and shoots for the goal. Roots lead 1-0!

  • Oakland Roots Starting 11

Ottar not in the lineup is unavoidable. With 15 goals, he’s the obvious go-to scorer for Oakland. Darek Formella gets the start in the #9, a bit of a change from his usual winger role, while he also appeared at outside back earlier this season. He’ll be target man alongside Charlie Dennis on the right and Mikael Johnsen on the left.

  • Detroit City Starting 11


  • And we’re back, it’s game time! A victory would put Roots right back in the thick of the Western Conference playoff race.

  • Roots corner – 7′

    Played short, Oakland works around but doesn’t find a shot.

  • Charlie shot on target – 9′

    Dennis with a hard shot on target, Formella goes for the volley and leads to a corner. Corner cleared out.

  • Pair of blocked shots – 15′

    Dennis and Azocar take shots, both blocked.

  • Formella shot on target saved close distance – 18′

    Roots do well to win the ball high and start a counter. Rito feeds a nice run by Formella, but his shot attempt was saved by the keeper.

  • Big mistake – 19′

    Nearly a huge mistake by Roots. Fuenmayor lets a ball go by and DCFC nearly takes advantage. Paul follows with a big save when back in position.

  • Detroit doing well to press and win possession – 28′

  • Detroit header wide – 30′

    Gives a lot of space to the crosser. Could’ve been a goal.

  • Detroit corner – 31′

    Paul with the grab.

  • Paul another leaping grab on a long cross in – 32′

  • Roots corner – 39′

    Dennis ball in goes straight to the goalie.

  • Detroit set piece – 41′

    Ball in cleared by Tarek.

  • Mati shot high – 42′

    Shot sails.

  • Detroit set piece – 45′

    Foul on Azocar, Hoppenot ball in batted by Paul. Leads to another corner.

    Second corner – 45+2

    Bad attempt, cleared out.

  • First Half Notes:

    Aside from a shaky moment midway through, Roots have done well to limit shots on target. Oakland has 2 big chances missed with Formella and Dennis’ early shots. Roots have 6 shots, 2 on target, 3 blocked. DET has 3 shots.

    Detroit, meanwhile, doing well to press high and win possession. Roots need to find a way through.

  • Roots corner – 48′

    Mikael Johnsen’s ball in sails out the back line.

  • ROOTS GOAL – 50′

    Charlie Dennis intercepts a bad pass from the keeper and shoots for the goal. Roots lead 1-0!

  • Roots pair of empty buildups -53′-54′

    Jose goes down and they keep pressing through. A couple of balls land in front of the goal, but no one to push it home.

  • Detroit corner – 58′

    Roots block shot, leads to a corner for DET. Ball in cleared out.

  • Empty buildup from Roots – 60′

  • Rito skies a clear look – 65′

    Clear opportunity for Roots, a beautiful feed by Dennis, but Rito skies the ball.

  • Roots sub – 69′

    Johnny on for Johnsen.

  • Detroit free kick – 70′

    Fissore foul, leads to a free kick. Cleared out. DET retains possession.

  • Paul big claim – 71′

  • Detroit corner – 74′

    Emrah blocked a shot out of bounds for a corner.

    DET corner, cleared off of the line by Emrah..

  • Roots pass out of the back line – 77′

  • Detroit corner – 78′

    Goes all the way out. After a big save by Paul without the camera looking.

  • Roots draw foul – 80′

    Set piece, Dennis goes nowhere.

  • Roots sub – 82′

    Nane on for Jose, going all defense.

  • Paul save blocked shot out for a corner – 84′

    Do nothing with corner.

  • Detroit scores on the counter – 87′

    Detroit presses forward after a ball down the right wing, ball centers to Francis Autahene, scores.

  • Detroit long set piece, caught by Paul – 90+2′

  • Roots corner 90+4′

    Last minute here. Roots corner by Dennis, header goes wide of the net.

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