Live Blog: Oakland Roots at Sacramento Republic (August 27, 2022)

Hello and welcome again to the blog’s coverage of Oakland Roots visiting Sacramento Republic. We’re coming to you live from section 120 with around 300 Roots supporters in attendance, you’ll likely here The Function chanting on the telecast.

Coming off of a mighty 3-1 win over San Diego Loyal, Roots enter another critical game for their playoff livelihood against Sacramento. Oakland is still undefeated against Republic at 1-5-0, continuing the unbeaten streak with a win could create a flip-flop with El Paso Locomotive for seventh place. Locomotive, meanwhile, faces Juan Guerra’s Phoenix Rising. A tie between Phoenix and El Paso (which we know is very possible) provides a huge assist to Roots. Monterey Bay is also facing off with Los Angeles.

Roots will have to do it with nearly the same lineup against San Diego with Ottar Magnus Karlsson just a few days removed from the birth of his child, so we’re not expecting him back in the starting 11 just yet.

In Bloom’s preview, he highlights that Sacramento’s up-and-down run of form in recent weeks. They are 1-1-2 over the last four matches, which includes a big 3-0 win over Colorado Springs on August 17, but sandwiched by a 1-0 loss to Monterey Bay on August 13 and a 2-1 loss to Las Vegas in its most recent match.

Sac’s form is mixed. Their US Open Cup (and gradual rise up the Western Conference) have colored opinions of them, but I think they may just be a team that is extremely well built for cup competition. Even as they have fought their way up the table, Sac are still twelve points behind San Deigo and seventeen behind San Antonio, which is to say, the good teams.

Postgame Interview

RootsBlog Man of the Match

Paul Blanchette gets the second consecutive RootsBlog Man of the Match award after his contributions in Oakland’s 1-nil loss. Without him, it could’ve easily been 4-0. He had four saves with two by dives and three stops on shots in the box.

Key Events

  • Sac goal – 21′

Shot pushed wide on a set piece leads to a corner. Sac cross leads to a header goal.

  • Oakland Roots Starting 11

It’s the third consecutive starting 11 for Roots, as I predicted in Bloom’s preview. After their 3-1 win over Loyal, I feel this is the right call. Oakland has played well over the last three and it seems wise to have continuity while in good form without your star striker.

  • Sacramento Republic Starting 11


  • Gametime! A win could put Oakland over the playoff line, for the time being. Can Roots and interim HC Noah Delgado get the job done in his second appearance as manager?

  • Formella shot high – 8′

  • Formella offside – 11′

  • Roots set piece – 17′

    Dennis draws foul. Cleared out.

  • Sac shot high on counter – 18′

  • Sac set piece in good area – 19′

    Shot pushed wide and leads to a corner. Sac cross leads to a header goal at 21′

  • Roots set piece- 24′

    Leads to nothing.

  • Sac off the post, rebounds saved – 28′

    Huge stop, but Sac controlling the game.

  • Formella shot wide – 31′

    Trails wide of the left post.

  • Johnsen shot on target – 39′

    Formella just misses the open rebound off of the keeper.

  • Empty buildup to rito – 41′

  • Sac corner – 44′

  • Paul huge save – first half stoppage

    Forces corner. Ball in caught by Paul.

  • First half notes:

    Could easily be 3-0 for Sac, who have looked great in the buildup and counter.

    Roots have 3 shots, 1 on target to Sac’s 8 shots, 2 on target, 2 blocked, and credited for 2 off of the woodwork.

  • Formella with a shot saved – 57′

    Nice buildup in the box, Formella’s attempt saved by the keeper.

  • Roots sub – 62′

    Lindo for Dennis, Nane for Mati

  • bad giveaway from Roots, Sac hits post- 66′

  • Paul another save by dive – 68′

    Leads to a corner. Pushed out for a Sac throw in

  • Sac misses chip shot – 69′

  • Formella shot pushed high – 73′

    Roots corner, ball goes out the back. Oakland fans want a pen.

  • Memo on for Johnsen – 78′

  • Sac shot high – 79′

  • Johnny on for Emrah- 83′

  • Roots corner – 90′

    ball in cleared. Sac eventually draws a foul

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