Live Blog: Oakland Soul at Stockton Cargo

Hello and welcome to the blog’s first live coverage of Oakland Soul, coming to you from Stockton’s San Joaquin Delta College where Soul take on the Cargo.

In Bloom’s preview, he goes off making fun of Cargo’s logo. And I agree, I do not see a cargo ship in their logo.

You will just never get me to associate Stockton with big maritime shipping. Moreover, saying that the Stockton Blue is “inspired by the cities [sic] connection to the sea” is overdoing it with the maritime connection, right? Stockton is 55-ish miles from the nearest salt water. “The white in the Soul away kit represents the snow at Lake Tahoe, a thing many Oakland residents enjoy during the winter.”

Here is a list of Stockton’s player announcements prior to Saturday: Kassandra Ceja, F/M (Cal State Long Beach), Abigail Souza, CB (Nevada), Kaya Scott, M/F (Fresno State), Yareli Hernandez, FB (Delta College), Heather Tarabini, F/M (Sac State), Miette Sessoms, F (UC Riverside–commit), Niella Sessoms, D (UC Riverside–commit), Tiana Cello, M/F (SJ State).

Here is a list of Oakland’s announced players via its website:

  • Forwards: Miranda Nild (former University of California, Thailand National Team), Aliyah Jones (former San Jose State), Cecilia Gee (former Stanford), Nayeli Diaz (Mexico National Team, former St. Mary’s College), Samantha Tran (former Stanford).
  • Defenders: Clare Robke (University of Pennsylvania), Zoe Franks (UC Santa Barbara-commit), Malia Yamamoto (Santa Clara-commit), Mia Parkhurst (Georgia).
  • Midfielders: Manaka Hayashi (Santa Clara-commit), Elizabeth Vranesh (Carondelet HS), Mia Erba (Oregon State-commit), Teresa Noyola (former Stanford, Mexico National Team), Kaytlin Brinkman (former Cal State Fullerton), Isabella Flocchini (San Jose State), Zoe Parkhurst (Mississippi-commit).
  • Goalkeepers: Teagan Wy (University of California, United States Youth National Team), Layla Armas (UCLA-commit).

Photo Gallery

Key Events

  • SOUL GOAL – 43′

Sam Tran feeds Cecilia Gee around a defender. First touch easy goal.

  • Cargo goal – 37′

Brewah with a nice goal, arching it in from the left side. Looked like a pass.

  • SOUL GOAL – 24′

Cecilia breaks through for a 1-on-1 and slots it home.

  • SOUL GOAL – 8′

Nayeli Diaz on a counter attack. Easy goal.

  • Oakland Soul Starting 11

Gee starts up top with Nild at fullback. Tran plays on the wing with Jones on the opposite side. Diaz in the 10.

  • Stockton Cargo Starting 11


  • Gametime! We’re live from San Joaquin Delta College for Soul’s opening day!

  • Cargo hits post – 4′

  • Soul free kick – 5′

    Jones draws. Leads to a scrum in front, shot saved by Cargo.

  • Nayeli Diaz scores on counter attack – 8′

  • Cargo free kick – 15′

    shot cleared.

  • Great pass by Jones and a move to shake free. Tran with first touch shot saved. – 19′

  • Cecilia Gee goal! – 24′

    Cecilia breaks through for a 1-on-1 and slots it home.

  • Cargo goal – 37′

    Alexis Brewah scores on what looked like a cross, but bends over Armas.

  • SOUL GOAL – 43′

    Sam Tran feeds Cecilia Gee around a defender. First touch easy goal.

  • First half notes:

    Soul firmly in control, they have 8 shots and have forced 5 saves. Cargo with 3 shots, but playing from behind.

  • Cargo goal – 54′

    Brewah with the pass to Bostard

  • Cargo’ Shelton a shot wide – 55′

  • Soul free kick – 62′

    Brinkman hits the crossbar from distance. Tran tries to clean up with a header but goes straight to keeper.

  • Tran shot on target pushed wide – 64′

  • Armas big diving save – 77′

  • Eden Jacobsen with a shot saved, good approach from keeper – 79′

  • Cargo free kick – 85′

  • Soul corner – 86′

    Noyola on for Gee.

  • Cargo corner – stoppage


  • Soul free kick – stoppage

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