Live Blog: Oakland Roots at Colorado Springs (June 2, 2023)

Hello and welcome to the blog’s live coverage of Oakland Roots traveling to Colorado Springs, coming to you from Line 51 Brewing Company–which was, ironically, made by my former PE teacher at Bohannon Middle School in San Lorenzo. Go Bulldogs.

Roots enter the night coming off of its 2-0 win over San Diego Loyal, while Colorado Springs has taken a downturn in results by suffering four straight losses. Bloom highlights their skid after its strong start to the season:

Colorado Springs were 5-1-2 at the end of April, with quality wins over New Mexico, Pittsburgh, Loudoun (when they were good), Charleston, and El Paso (when they were bad). Losses to San Antonio and Sacramento are defensible as well. But my god the wheels came off. It looked like Switchbacks might be the same team they were last year when they had Hadji Barry, but now perhaps not. I, for one, say “good riddance.”

Bloom’s player to watch include Romario Garfield Williams and Jairo Henriquez.

Key Events

  • Oakland Roots Starting 11

The obvious takeaways start up top with Anuar Pelaez starting in the 9-role, Johnny Rodriguez to the right and Darek Formella on the left. But the big news is no Edgardo Rito in the lineup or on the subs list with just 6/7 players on the bench. This tells me it was sudden and he was expected to, at least, travel. The blog was told Rito is out for a “Personal Reason.”

  • Colorado Springs Starting 11

Man of the Match – Paul Blanchette

We name Paul Blanchette our Man of the Match with his good work to keep the clean sheet. He only required one diving save, but made his largest impact coming out for crosses. He had 5 or 6 claims from crosses.

Initial Takeaways

  • Roots are up to fourth, its highest point in the standings at this mark of a season. At 6-2-4, Oakland is tied for points with San Diego but ahead on Head-to-Head and two points behind San Antonio in third.
  • What’s up with Edgardo Rito? This would normally start the list given its magnitude. According to a club source, Rito was out for a personal reason. When asked if it was a team related matter, we effectively got a “no comment.” The blog was put in touch with a source familiar with Rito, who voiced frustration over the situation. It’s unclear what that means for certain, but I could see news developing in the near future regarding the right back turned right winger. It is something to keep an eye on through the weekend and start of next week.
  • The attack looked good with this experiment. Formella returned to his natural left wing spot, Anuar Pelaez was back up top, and Johnny Rodriguez moved freely at right wing. Roots had 14 shots, 5 on target, but missed 4 big opportunities.
  • Johnny Rodriguez is the breakout player of 2023, clearly. He scored his fifth league goal of the season and a perfectly placed shot from outside the box. His holdup play and passing is continuously looking better with each appearance.


  • GAMETIME! Roots look to stay hot against a struggling Colorado Springs side. Can they get the job done?

  • COS shot blocked- corner- ‘

    Play short, draws another.

  • COS corner – 2′

    Shot eventually goes wide.

  • COS free kick – 4′

    Ball goes through the back.

  • COS Seagrist shot wide – 7′

  • COS corner – 11′

    Cleared out. Retains possession

  • ROOTS GOAL -12′

    JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ MY GOODNESS. Takes a shot from about 6 yards above the penalty area with PERFECT precision.

  • Pair of Paul saves, almost fumbles one. Easily handled shots otherwise.

  • Play to Anuar in front of net – 18′

    Can’t find finishing touch. Mayhem in front. Was a pass in by Tamacas. Too much to handle.

  • Gomez down again. Uh oh – 19′

    Gomez stretchered off. Terrible break. Nane comes on.

  • COS free kick – 23′

    Down by end line on left side of box.

    Ball goes straight out.

  • Roots corner – 26′

  • annnnnd the broadcast died

    ok, its back. For now.

  • Bad giveaway by Roots, play to Williams and he can’t get a shot off. No pentalty called after Emrah makes contact with his shoulder. Maybe he went over too easily. – 34′

  • Pelaez shot blocked for a corner – 44′

    Does nothing with it.

  • Paul big save from shot inside box – 45+2′

  • Memo tries to chip Herrera. Tried an initial ball in but was blocked back to him – stoppage

  • First half notes:

    You’d think Colorado would be leading based on the stat line. Oakland has 2 shots with 1 on target. Colorado has 8 shots, 2 on target. Oakland has just 2 touches inside Colorado’s box, while Switchbacks have over 20 touches.

  • Roots corner – 48′

    Good job by Rodriguez to drible himself free and take a shot.

  • Roots corner – 49′

    Johnny draws it.

  • Tamacas shit blocked by Pelaez, probably was going in – 55′

  • Paul another big claim on a ball in – 57′

  • Formella and Johnny hit the post, then Johnny forces a diving save – 59′

  • COS corner – 62′

    wastes it

  • Memo shot on target forces diving save – 63′

    great attempt on the volley.

  • Lindo on for Pelaez – 65′

  • Formella 1-o-1 but cant finish. Great interplay between Johnny and Formella, great feed by Rodriguez – 72′

    Forces diving save.

  • Colorado botched a header in front – 81′

  • COS free kick – 85′

    cleared out.

  • Paul another big claim – 86′

    His 3rd of 4th claim when rushing out.

  • COS corner -88′

    cleared out.

  • COS corner – 89′

  • Johnny off for Morad – 89′

    Just a cramp.

  • Another claim by Paul – 90+2′

  • Lindo shot on target – 90+3′

    Great feed by Formella, gotta finish that.

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