Live Blog: Oakland Soul hosts Cal Storm (June 4, 2023)

Hello and welcome to the blog’s live coverage of Oakland Soul hosting Cal Storm at Merritt College in front of another sellout crowd in the Oakland Hills. Soul walks into the match at 4-0-0 and second-place in the Nor Cal Division while Cal Storm is coming off of its first loss at 3-0-1 after losing to SF Glens on Friday–meaning they only have 24 hours of rest.

It’s the biggest match of the season thus far for Soul with Sunday being a true measuring-stick type of game. Cal Storm is among the most successful youth clubs in the entire state; one of its board members is U.S. soccer legend Brandi Chastain. They also have a former Roots assistant on its coaching staff, Chris Malenab.

Storm’s leading scorer with five goals in four appearances is forward Giana Riley, who just finished her freshman season at Gonzaga. Its second-leading scorer is Brenda Uribe with three goals, who graduated from CSU Monterey Bay in 2021 after spending three years at Concordia University-Portland.

Player of the Match – Layla Armas

Layla was so important in the 3-2 win, recording multiple diving saves in both halves. If it wasnt for a leaping tip onto the bar in the second half and a stop in point-blank range in the first half, it would’ve been a different result.

Initial Takeaways

  • Biggest game in team history, so far, was mightily successful. Going up 3-1 was the perfect response to the early 1-0 deficit and 1-1 halftime tie. And it was an entertaining game with free flowing soccer from both sides, it was truly fun to watch.
  • Great response to the first deficit in team history. Cal Storm scored in the 12th and Soul tied just two minutes later when Kaytlin Brinkman slotted home a rebound.
  • Layla Armas was amazing. The Class of 2024 product and UCLA commit was outstanding, making multiple diving saves in both halves and pushing shots away with consistency. Her stop in point-blank range in the first half turned out to be needed to win the game. She really was spot-on, the Bruins may have found an eventual starter.
  • It will be a much different lineup on Thursday at Cal Storm, per Jessica Clinton. Soul won’t take many of the players above 23, including Brinkman and Miranda Nild. As Jessica explains, its due to players who have careers, making it increasingly difficult to drive to Davis on a work night.

Key Events

  • Oakland Soul Starting 11

Tran gets a rest from the CF role with Eden Olson getting her first start. Sarah Mirr gets the start in the 10-role, she’s been great thus far. Urteaga gets another start.

  • Cal Storm Starting 11

Both of Storm’s leading scorers are in.


  • GAMETIME! Can Oakland Soul get the job done against one of the most established youth clubs in California?

  • Good work Nild – 9′

    Takes nice touch by a defender by the end line

  • CS free kick – 11′

    About 12 yards above

    Ball falls to Giana Riley hits a shot from inside the box for a goal. Soul trails for the first time in team history, lets see how they respond.

  • SOUL GOAL – 14′

    THEY RESPOND FAST. Nild on a breakaway takes a shot that was saved and rebounds to Brinkman for the goal.

  • Mirr takes a shot on target, pushed out for a corner – 20′

  • Soul corner – 21′

    Ball cleared, keep possession. Eventually goes out the back.

  • CS early sub – 23′

  • Armas big stop in point blank range – 24′

  • Brinkman shot on target saved – 25′

    Big diving save forced corner.

  • Soul corner – 26′

    Shinaman eventually hits crossbar. Then a header by Cunningham went over.

  • Shinaman hits the crossbar again! – 28′

  • CS corner – 32′

    Claimed by Armas

  • CS corner – 34′


  • CS awarded a penalty kick – 37′

    Riley screwed it up. Hits the post

  • Brinkman off for Nyby.

  • Nild shot high – 42′

  • Good claim by Armas – 44′

  • Armas another huge save- 45′

    Forces corner.

  • CS corner – stoppage

  • First half notes:

    It is a very entertaining game. Soul responds to its first deficit in team history with a goal after 2 minutes. Armas has been busy with 3 very athletic saves. Brinkman came off early, I think due to heat and lack of rest. Will ask postgame.

    Schinaman has hit the crossbar twice. Storm’s Riley hit the post on a PK. It remains 1-1.

  • SOUL GOAL – 49′

    Jaida Nyby on a feed by Sam Tran

  • SOUL GOAL – 51′

    This time by Nayeli.

  • Riley misses a sitter after a ball in from a free kick – 55′

  • Armas big save again – 56′

    Forces corner. Cleared.

  • Storm scores – 58′

    Play through the back line, 1-o-1 for a goal.

  • Schinaman comes with an ankle/foot injury – 68′

  • Clare Robke and Mia Parkhurst come on for Soul

  • Play to Tran, cant make square contact – 72′

  • CS hits crossbar! – 74′

    Both teams have hit a post twice. Third crossbar to get hit today.

  • Mirr shot wide – 85′

  • Tran shot close distance stopped, nice play through – 88′

  • Nayeli shot on target – 90′

  • CS corner – stoppage

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