Live Blog: Oakland Soul at Olympic Club (June 21, 2023)

Hello and welcome to the blog’s live coverage of Oakland Soul at USF’s Negoesco Stadium to play Olympic Club. With no feed of the match, the blog has all the key moments for you to follow.

Tonight marks the 10th match of the season, meaning only two matches remain prior to the playoffs following tonight’s result. Oakland walks into the match at 7-0-2, while Olympic Club is 3-1-6 and are coming off 10-0 and 4-0 losses to Cal Storm and SF Glens.

The two sides last played to a 1-0 Soul victory at Pioneer Stadium on May 13, but it was only Oakland’s second match in history at the time. We’ll see if Soul can be more clinical this time around following its recent 5-nil win over Pleasanton RAGE.

Players of the Match – Miranda Nild & Sam Tran

We name Sam Tran and Miranda Nild our two Player of the Match recipients for scoring braces in the 6-1 win over Olympic Club. Both players nearly bagged hat tricks in the second half, but Tran had two looks go wide and Nild had a pair of shots saved.

Initial Takeaways

  • A first half flurry of goals was nice to see. Going into half up 5-1 had the feeling of a 10-1 win, but the fluidity tapered off and Olympic Club built a bit into the game. Ypu can never complain about a 6-1 win.
  • It was a strong response to conceding a goal in the 24th on some miscommunication in front of goal. Vranesh scored a worldy just three minutes late, then Nild scored on a rocket and Tran on a curling shot near the top of the pentalty area.
  • How does a 6-1 win feel not enough? Soul not scoring until second-half stoppage time, somehow, felt frustrating. Why is that? When Cal Storm and SF Glens are obliterating teams 10-0 and 8-0, it feels like the same should be expected of Soul–and that, simply, is unfair. Jessica Clinton has an interesting line to toe on whether to focus on piling on goals or developing players. For me, personally, I’d rather thr latter. Clinton had great thoughts on the subject, more in tomorrow’s post.

Starting Lineup

No changes up front from the match against Pleasanton, but five in the midfield and along the back line. Aaliyah Schinaman and Tatiana Cunningham keep their spots in the Starting XI, but everyone else turns over. The return of Kaitlyn Brinkman to the starting lineup should help Soul improve their GD, and Elizabeth Vranesh gets the nod in midfield after a series of end-of-game cameos.


  • GAMETIME! Let’s see how many Oakland Soul can get across the line.

  • SOUL GOAL – 2′

    Brinkman squared a ball that hits off keepers hands on her dive. Ball comes free to Miranda Nild on the doorstep for the tap in.

  • Tran shot on target – 5′

    Great counter attack after a bad giveaway. Nayeli fed Tran her run, 1-o-1 shot goes into the keeper rushing out of net.

  • SOUL GOAL – 13′

    Absolutely wonderful interplay between the whole group. Sam Tran nutmegs a defender on a feed to Nild. She sends a pass to Nayeli charging toward net for an easy goal.

  • Tran hard shot on target forced a diving save – 23′

  • Soul corner – 23′

    Leads to nothing.

  • OC goal – 24′

    Miscommunication between Layla and the CB. Easy poke for OC.

  • SOUL GOAL – 27′

    Vranesh beautiful lob over the keeper from the outside right side of the penalty area.

  • SOUL GOAL – 28′

    Miranda sends a rocket. Hits off keeper’s hand and into net.

  • SOUL GOAL – 29′

    SAM TRAN THIS TIME OMG. She gets a feed and sends a curling shot into net.

  • Armas save, technically – 39′

    no heat on the shot.

  • OC shot very wide – 41′

  • First half notes:

    It was 2-1 at one point, then 5-1 in a matter of three minutes. It feels like a 4-goal lead in this league is like a 2-goal advantage due to the culture the W League has established, where teams like Storm and Glens run up the score with 10-0 and 8-0 wins. I thought Soul had some relaxed moments, lets see if they can keep the pedal done.

    Miranda and Sam on hat tricks.

  • OC corner – 52′

    Nice feed downfield, squares a pass and its blocked out.

  • Zoe Franks great feed to Nild. Play towards net goes through the area – 56′

  • Nayeli fed by Sam Tran, takes a shot on target that isnt a challenge – 59′

  • OC free kick good area – 61′

    adios ball

  • Nild shot on target – 62′

  • Tran shot wide, should’ve been the hatty -63′

  • Vranesh shot on target – 66′

  • Armas stops 1-o-1 situation – 72′

  • Nild shot nearly goes through keeper’s legs – 80′

  • Ceci Gee nearly feeds Tran on run in transition – 84′


    Shot hits the post and Flocchini there to tap it in.

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