The Marin F.C. Siren vs. Oakland Soul – Match Preview (June 25, 2023)

Soul fans! The Soul head over to the North Bay to face The Marin F.C. Siren at San Rafael High School Stadium at 4:00 p.m.

Siren are not good, with a 1-6-2 record. Their win is over Pleasanton RAGE, and they picked up points in another match against RAGE and against Academica. They have scored 13 goals, which is just a little more than Nayeli Diaz and Sam Tran have scored.

Soul’s Form

Soul continue to pound everyone not named “Glens” or “Storm.”

5/6at StocktonW32
5/13vs. Olympic ClubW10
5/28vs. AcademicaW40
6/1vs. Stockton CargoW52
6/4vs. California StormW32
6/8at California StormL01
6/11at SF GlensL03
6/14at AcademicaW50
6/18vs. Pleasanton RAGEW50
6/21at Olympic ClubW61
6/25at Marin FC Sirens
7/2vs. SF Glens

And here is the Roots’ goals leaderboard leading into the second-to-last game of the regular season.

Nayeli Diaz6
Sam Tran5
Miranda Nild5
Kaytlin Brinkman4
Jordan Geis*3
Jaida Nyby2
Ceci Gee2
Isabella Flocchini2
T Noyola1
Eden Olson1
Elizabeth Vranesh1

Soul are ahead of Cal Storm by three, but Storm have a game in hand on them. This afternoon Storm play Glens, which you’d expect Glens to win, but this is a chance for things to get real weird if Storm somehow pulled out a draw. The other big chance of this to get weird is that Storm’s last match is against Stockton Cargo, who are very clearly the fourth best team, with 18 points, 8 points ahead of Olympic Club. Cargo have won every game except their games against the big three, so I’m glad the Soul have those fixtures in the rear view mirror.

Last Week’s Prediction Winner:

Cassandra, who nailed the Pleasanton RAGE score dead-on at 5-0. She wins our admiration and nothing else until we get a sponsor.

Oakland RootsBlog Community Score Prediction Hall of Admiration

Week 9, 5-0 vs. Pleasanton RAGECassandra (perfect prediction)

Community Score Predictions

Jesse Barush

Today’s the day. 10-0 Soul.

Jon Comeaux

Put me down for…. 5-0.


6-1 to the Soul!

Jen Tru


Homegrown Hooligans



I predict… that everyone will have fun.

Dr. Cole-Bloom

6-0 Soul, Brinkman starts and scores at least one.

Dr. Cole-Bloom’s Sister

5-0 Soul, Tran scores two.

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