Live Blog: Oakland Roots at Tampa Bay Rowdies (July 8, 2023)

Hello and welcome to the blog’s live coverage of Oakland Roots traveling to the Tampa Bay Rowdies. Oakland walks in as the 8th ranked team in the Western Conference, teetering above .500 at 6-5-5 with 23 points now at the midway point of its season. Rowdies, meanwhile, continue being in the upper echelon of Eastern Conference teams, currently tied for first with 31 points. A Roots win would catapult them up to 5th above Monterey Bay by goal differential.

Charlie Dennis, how I miss you. He’s been among Tampa Bay’s best players this season with six goals and one assist, currently FotMob’s No. 2 rated player in chances created at 41 so far.

In Bloom’s preview, he highlights Rowdies’ scoring output by first-year Tampa Bay players like Dennis, JJ Williams, and Cal Jennings.

This is a down year for the Rowdies, in that they’re only tied for first place in the Eastern Conference. Tampa has 18 goals this season from three players, none of whom were on the team last season: Seven from JJ Williams (Tulsa), six from Charlie Dennis (ROOTS BAYBAY), and five from Cal Jennings (LAFC/Las Vegas). Of that group, Dennis is the only player over 1,000 minutes on the season. Tampa are tied for the third best goal differential in the league, on 29 total goals and 19 conceded, which is a slightly worse defensive record than the Roots, but just about an extra half a goal scored per game. Tampa had a rough run of form to start the season, going 1-2-4, but have not lost a game since April 23.

Initial Takeaways

  • At least we don’t live in Florida. That was a rough two days for the organization after Soul got beaten badly the day before. It’s time to dust off and get points going forward for Oakland.
  • Roots dont seem to have an identity since Rito’s transfer. The offense hasn’t looked confident or sure how to operate. It’s been this way for the last four matches. Roots have one goal in the last four and four goals in the six since Rito’s departure.
  • Memphis is another opportunity to get on track, but they will be eager to correct their own issues. 901 is coming off 6-0 and 4-0 losses to Phoenix and San Antonio, yet still rank fourth in the east.
  • Can assure we’ll see Tamacas and Hackshaw the rest of the way. They are clearly two of Oakland’s most important players and its a bit ridiculous how critical they are in how Roots operate. Hopefully things can turn around from here.

Starting Lineups

  • Oakland Roots Starting 11

A new starting 11, Trayvone Reid gets his first USL Championship start! Darek Formella starts in the 9-role with Lindo to his right. With Memo out due to a red card, Kevin Wright starts on the left with Wolfgang on the right. Napo and Nane provide a defensively stable midfield with Barbir, Morad and Emrah behind them.

Tamacas and Hackshaw on the bench, will be interesting to see if/when they come in.

  • Tampa Bay Rowdies Starting 11


  • GAMETIME! Can Oakland spoil Rowdies’ coach Neill Collins final game before he heads off to Barnsley? Scroll down and refresh for all the key moments.

  • Tampa pitch looks water logged

  • Tampa goal – 8′

    Quick work by Tampa. Jennings a tap in right in front.

  • Tampa corner – 15′

    leads to nothing, foul by TB.

  • Formella shot wide – 16′

    Good longball to Reid, he squares a good pass to Formella. Poor shot attempt

  • Lindo shot on target – 18′

    From atop area. Goes straight to keeper

  • Tray shot high – 18′

    Looking better.

  • Almost a terrible giveaway by Paul – 19′

  • Ekra shot on target, forces diving save by Paul. Good to stop it – 21′

  • Lindo a look, doesnt pull the trigger in front of net – 29′

    Good tackle by Antly

  • Roots corner- 29′

    After a ball in from a free kick goes to Emrah. Cross blocked out.

  • Paul tip over bar – 35′

    Leads to a corner, nothing from it.

  • TB corner – 37′

    Ball overcooked

  • TB dangerous ball across the face – 39′

  • Dalgaard shot straight to Paul – 40′

  • Too easy for Jennings – 41′

    Long dribble from the left side all the way centrally. Shot goes in. Way too easy for Tampa Bay.

  • Jennings shot forces diving save – 45′

  • Roots good counter but Napo skies a shot – stoppage

  • First half notes:

    “That was, uhh, absolute dog shit.”

    Roots just dont look like they coherently understand what to do on offense. Tampa Bay, meanwhile, has a clear identity and understanding of how to operate.

    Oakland has 5 shots, 2 on target. Tampa has 6 shots, all on target.

  • Cedeno on for Nane

  • TB free kick on edge of area on right side – 47′

    Leads to a play short, shot deflected high for another corner.

  • TB corner – 48′

    Punched out.

  • Roots corner – 50′

    Flick on goes out.

  • Roots play in with Lindo, cant take a shot – 52′

  • TB’ Williams skies a shot, should’ve been a third – 55′

    Started with a longball to Jennings.

  • Jennings hat trick, that kind of day for Roots -58′

    Dalgaard perfect pass to Jennings to redirect it.

  • Johnny on for Lindo.

    Tamacas on for Wright.

  • Wolfgang shot high – 68′

    Shot on volley, long cross to him. Bad contact.

  • Johnny shot on target, goes straight to the keeper. Good chance – 71′

  • Pelaez on for Reid – 73′

  • TB goal called offside – 78′

  • Huge save by TB. Good play in the box from Pelaez to Formella. Shit goes straight to Sparrow – 79′

  • Roots free kick – 87′

    Nothing happened.

  • Cedeno from 35 yards skips toward net – stoppage

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