Live Blog: Oakland Roots vs. Memphis 901 (July 12, 2023)

Hello and welcome to the blog’s live coverage of Oakland Roots hosting Memphis 901 at Pioneer Stadium for its makeup game of the season-opener postponement. Well, RootsFam, things could certainly be going better right now. Since holding fourth place after beating Colorado Springs 1-nil, Oakland has dropped to 10th by losing two in a row and going winless over its last five.

Memphis, meanwhile, is on a poor run of its own after losing 6-0 to Phoenix and 4-0 against San Antonio. They enter fifth place in the Eastern Conference and could get back to the top-four with a victory; they’ll eager to get back on the right track. A win for Oakland puts Roots up to seventh and back into playoff contention.

Now with Bryan Tamacas and Neveal Hackshaw back from Gold Cup duty, we’ll see how wingback and center back impact Roots going forward. Oakland has struggled to find the net over the last four matches with just one goal during that span, can the pair help shift momentum?

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Postgame Presser

RootsBlog Man of the Match – Jeciel Cedeno

Credit: Oakland Roots SC

Jeciel Cedeno scored Roots’ first goal since tying Phoenix on June 24. It marked his first goal in an Oakland uniform, making a real difference in his first appearance at right wing. Maybe we’ll see him there again.

Initial Takeaways

  • We have to start with the stoppage of play in the 48th minute. There was an apparent altercation between Darek Formella and Bill Hamid with accusations of racial language aired on the USL Championship ESPN+ broadcast. After a multiple minute break and the coaching staffs coming together with officials, play resumed without any players being penalized. Noah Delgado effectively gave a no comment on the situation in our postgame interview. When Formella was subbed off late in the game, he walked behind Hamid, vehemently defending himself with each step. From what I’ve been told from people who are familiar with Formella, racist language is not in his character and there’s never been any issues with Formella in that regard. The club, meanwhile, takes any accusations very, very seriously, and is ready to supply footage to work with the league and clear wrongdoing.
  • Now, the officiating. What a weird game from the get-go with constant whistles, two wiped goals against Roots and one for Memphis. The crowd was on the referees from the opening whistle with heavy amount of calls going against Oakland in the first half. Delgado gave his comments on the officiating: “There were some calls [Delgado shakes his head], I got to watch the film on some things. A lot of stoppage in the game… When you have a lot of whistles, it’s hard for either team to get rhythm. You don’t know what’s a foul and what’s not a foul, and how do you go from there? It’s part of the game and you try to move on the best you can.”
  • Roots end the night in ninth place now passing the midway mark in its 18th match at 6-6-6. Oakland looked productive in the first half and had a near chance stopped on the doorstep in the fourth minute; it looked like goals were coming, but the looks tapered off. Delgado looking for answers to correct the offensive woes featured Cedeno starting at right wing and he was effective with some individual brilliance. When asked what he thinks needs to change on offense, Delgado responded: “Getting players back, even if its just defensive players [Tamacas and Hackshaw], it gives more possession, camaraderie and understanding, I think that’s key. Tampa, I think we had 14 shots and had some very good looks, some clear opportunities. It’s just being clinical those spots; even tonight, I think we had some really good looks. Cedeno’s goal was a good goal, isn’t an easy goal by any means–it was a good player scoring a good goal.”

Starting Lineups

  • Oakland Roots Starting 11

Tamacas and Hackshaw back in the lineup, as expected, shifting Memo Diaz back to the left wingback role with Tarek Morad rotating to the right side center back. Napo Matsoso back in the midfield next to Joseph Nane. The front line features one big change, Jeciel Cedeno starting at right wing with Johnny up top and Formella on the left.

Worth noting there’s no Lindo Mfeka in the lineup.

  • Memphis 901 Starting 11



  • Roots free kick – 4′

    About 15 yards above area on right side.

    Leads to big chance, ball skips around, Johnny shot makes ball go toward left post. Roots shot saved by the keeper.

  • Cedeno shot wide – 7′

    Looked like GK got a touch on it, no call.

  • Roots goal called offside – 11′

    Memo ball in to Johnny, shot on first touch goes in but he was called offside.

    Very close call.

  • Cedeno bowled over in area, no call – 14′

  • Memphis shot blocked – 17′

  • ROOTS GOAL – 33′

    JECIEL CEDENO A GREAT MOVE DOWN THE RIGHT SIDE. Recieves a long pass from Barbir and catches cleats with Akeem Ward. Ward goes down and Jeciel dribbles in and bends one into the net.

  • Ward shot very wide – 44′

  • Nighte shot very high for Memphis – stoppage

  • Memphis free kick – stoppage

    About 25 yards out on right side, cleared.

  • First half notes:

    Cedeno making an impact in his new spot and its great to have Tamacas and Hackshaw back. Those three have been real difference makers.

    Roots with 3 shots, 2 on target and doing well in transition with just 42 percent possession. Memphis has 5 shots, 3 on target, but nothing overtly challenging.

  • Stoppage of play- 48′

    Not sure what is happening.

  • Memphis play towards net, Paul there to jump on it – 55′

  • Cedeno goes over in box, Akeem push in the back, no call – 58′

  • Memphis goal – 61′

    Kissiedu easy goal after a ball through the back line.

  • Roots free kick from edge of area – 63′

    Ball in, foul called on Oakland.

  • Memphis shot on target – 66′

    Straight to Paul.

  • Memphis free kick – 68′


  • Memphis corner – 70′

    Gomez on for Napo as well.

  • Roots free kick – 72′

    Good area, Johnny manhandled.

    Formella into wall, ball rebounds to Cedeno. Shot easily handled by Hamid.

  • Cedeno a good move on the right side, cuts towards net. Shot stopped by Hamid – 77′

  • Memphis shot wide – 79′

  • Tray and Anuar on for Johnny and Nane – 80′

  • Memphis shot high – 82′

  • Roots corner – 86′

    Goal called off. Anuar header loops off ground, looked like Formella tipped it in.

  • Reid shot blocked in front – 90′

    Doesnt make good contact.

  • Memphis nearly steals it – stoppage

  • Memphis goal called offside- stoppage

  • Hackshaw red carded

    what a weird game.

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